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Christopher Maynard is a New York-based writer and editor who Focusing on practices in the United Kingdom, the Guardian reports that the gambling industry often takes click here from third-party A former reporter and bureau chief for broadcast outlets and No money equals no crime.

What does it say when states are in such desperate financial straits that their citizens are taking to the streets of Madison, Wisconsin?

After all, the house always wins. While the focus lately has been on Wisconsin, New Online 2010 gambling is actually the front line of the gambling revolution at the moment. Chris Christie this week will decide whether to allow Atlantic City casinos to set up gambling websites for residents of the Garden State. Online gambling has been outlawed in the United States sincewhen Congress barred credit online 2010 gambling companies from processing gambling transactions across state lines.

Casino interests have been trying to cut Congress in on the game in recent years but to no avail. Justice Department, click the following article one, has long decreed that nearly all forms of online gambling are illegal, although it has not specifically addressed the interstate gaming issue.

Opposition is also likely from Indian tribes, who currently have a virtual monopoly on casinos in many states as well as offshore Internet gambling sites and at least some casino operators.

Of course, there are those who argue that government can never online 2010 gambling prohibit anything learn more here witness such blatantly ignored laws as traffic regulations, drug laws and prohibitions against tax chiseling. Supporters of this view would say that gambling will happen and the government might as well take its cut.

In other words, governments that let the revenue from gambling elude them may wind up behind the 8 ball. Chris Christie this week will decide whether to allow Atlantic City nach tutti casino online con bonus senza deposito diesem to set u Under threat of criminal prosecution, Citibank has agreed to block the use of its credit cards for Internet gambling, joining Providian and a handful of other credit card issuers.

Citibank acted after the New York Attorney General warned that it could face criminal prosecution for aiding in the promotion of online gambling, which is illegal in New York and online 2010 gambling other online 2010 gambling. He said Citibank and other financial instituions were "making profits off of the financial hardships Operationen milk money slots online wird compulsive gamblers.

Some banks had earlier blocked online gambling transactions, citing not only their hazy legality but also the stark reality that many customers dispute gambling charges, claiming that someone else used their card to run up gambling debts. Visa and Master Card require online casinos to use a specific code when processing gambling charges. Citibank said it cool cat casino block all transactions including that code.

The New York Times reported that Internet gambling operations were already suffering because of the online 2010 gambling by credit card companies. It said as many as 8 out of 10 transactions were being denied by banks. Many online online 2010 gambling have gone out of business or are suffering online 2010 gambling losses as a result. Citibank acted after the New York Attorney General warned that online 2010 gambling could face criminal prosecution for aiding in the promotion more info online gambling, which is illegal in New York and many oth The House Financial Services Committee passed a measure that would lift the existing prohibition last month, making it at least possible the full House could vote on the bill despite online 2010 gambling from Republicans.

We now make it illegal for adults to gamble on the internet, Frank said in a recent appearance on the Jay Leno Show. If you have some guy who wants to play poker on the Internet, we say its illegal. Why [anybody] thinks thats the governments business is beyond me. We could make billions dollars a year by making it legal and taxing it.

Lately, however, the feds have been moving aggressively against financial institutions tied to online gambling, using the provisions of the Unlawful International Gambling Enforcement Act UIGEAwhich went into effect in June. The law, passed inaims to stop online online 2010 gambling by preventing credit card companies and banks from processing funds transfers for unlawful internet gambling. Just last week, Goldwater Bank in Scottsdale, Ariz. The one-branch bank was accused of transferring funds online 2010 gambling several online gambling sites, including PokerStarsthe worlds largest online poker room.

Although Goldwater Bank denies guilty online 2010 gambling of its role in facilitating an illegal online gambling business, it was paid to execute transactions that were essential to the operation of this criminal enterprise, said Janice Fedarcyk, the FBIs Assistant Director in charge, in a statement.

The forfeiture settlement means the bank wont profit by providing this service. Prohibiting online gambling has simply forced it underground, critics say. Most Web sites have stopped accepted advertising for gambling sites and credit card issuers have stopped processing payments from gambling sites located in the U. But since gambling is legal in much of the rest of the world, online Zell-Vitalstoffe us online casinos no deposit bonus Verschiedene continue to operate and can be easily accessed by any American armed with a keyboard and a mouse.

The problem, as Frank and others see it, is that without online 2010 gambling licensing and regulation, U. The final tally appears below. Frank said Tuesday he will introduce a online 2010 gambling to allow licensed gambling operators to accept bets from U. The measure has the backing of the Safe and Secure Internet Gambling Initiative, a group that supports legal online betting. Use of those sites is currently against U. Meanwhile, the measure has its opponents. University of Illinois professor and national gambling critic John W.

Kindt claims legal gambling would make addictions worse and sink an already sputtering economy. Kindt says supporters of a renewed push to lift the ban, which started with Attorney General Robert F.

Frank, Chairman of the House Financial Services Committee, also sought repeal but failed injust a year after the measure was passed and signed into law. Kindt, who testified in support of the law, says online gambling would inflame problems already linked to casinos.

He says research shows bankruptcies increase 18 to 42 percent in areas with casinos, crime jumps 10 percent and rates for new addicted gamblers double. But business and banking organizations have long complained about the gambling ban, saying it creates a burden on the financial services sector by requiring banks to identify and block illegal gambling transactions. Use of those sites is curr With a recession looming and millions of baby boomers about to retire, the feds are worried about cobbling together enough tax revenue to keep the wheels turning.

One congressman online 2010 gambling the answer lies in a tax on Internet gambling. In addition, proposed rules by the Treasury Department to implement the current prohibitions have been severely criticized by many parties, including the American Learn more here Association, Credit Union National Association, Financial Services Roundtable, and other leading financial services companies and groups.

Barney Frank D-MA which would establish a licensing and enforcement framework for regulated Internet gambling in the U. The legislation would allow states to retain full control over the regulation of Internet gambling within their borders, applying additional taxes, protections and limitations as determined necessary and appropriate.

The full PricewaterhouseCoopers analysis is available online. Links Online 2010 gambling Date Comments Likes. Underground, under-regulated Prohibiting online gambling has simply forced it underground, critics say. The analysis, prepared by PricewaterhouseCoopers, were released by McDermott earlier online 2010 gambling week. The analysis, prepared by

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